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Hookup Online Tactics: Reviews & Tips For Hooking Up Online

Are you sick of not getting laid on regular dating sites? Are you even more sick of going on sites where the WHOLE PURPOSE is to hook up, and not even scoring there?

Welcome to, where you can find answers to all of your questions about getting laid on hookup websites. This site isn’t just a guide, it’s an advice mine and crib sheet to the world of online hookup dating, all to help you get laid.

We built this guide to provide the most efficient strategies to finding girls looking for hookups. You’d THINK that all the girls on hookup sites online would be ready for action, but that’s really not the case.

We’ll tell you how to find the girls that are actively looking for sex with you tonight

Knowing what you’re looking for is half the battle, and we want you to go into battle fully armed and prepared. This is the kind of thing that can definitely affect whether you’re going to get laid or not, and can be the difference between hooking up weekly and hooking up never. But that’s not all that does…

We debunk online hookup scams.

A whole lot of the sites out there that claim to be for hookups are nothing more than scams. They exist for only one reason: to get money out of the guys looking to get laid on them. We’ve been through just about every scam there is, and we want to make sure that no guy reading our guide goes through the same issues we have.

We provide tested data.

We have been through every hookup site imaginable, and have the cold hard facts to prove it. These sites start to follow pretty predictable patterns, and we’ve analyzed them all so that you can have the best dating experience it’s possible for you to have.

In this guide you will find:

  • Tested tips and tricks for how to navigate hookup-oriented dating sites. You WILL get the results you want from these tips and tricks. We tested them ourselves, and we can show you the data. Using these, we guarantee you’ll get laid more often on hookup sites than you will without it.
  • A guide to the common mistakes guys make when they use hookup dating sites. These are the mistakes that stop guys from getting laid! Figure out what they are, and you’ll never have a problem with hookup dating sites again.
  • The RIGHT method to find women on dating sites and get them into the real world.
  • Notes about who we are and why we do this.

We use a proprietary to test, evaluate, and rank hookup websites. We’re not biased—or at least, we weren’t before we started using these websites and figured out which ones were a hell of a lot better than all of the others. Now we’re biased based on which ones are the best and most likely to get you laid as fast as possible!

How did we do it?

Each of the websites we tested and reviewed was tested for a period of three months, by five people, in five different areas. We aggregated the results and broke down the best hookup sites based on quality of the dates that we wound up meeting.

That means that no matter where you are, there’s probably going to be someone you can hook up with. You might have to drive a little if you live in the ass-end of nowhere, but that might be a small price to pay.

You don’t have to be gorgeous to score on a hookup site.

It might surprise you, but less than half of women on online dating websites say that physical attractiveness is the most important thing with someone that they’re meeting, even on a hookup site, according to Reuters News. That means that more than half the women out there don’t necessarily not care, but they’re a lot more focused on some other aspect of your personality than they are with your looks.

You can use this to your advantage. We’ll show you how.

We guarantee that if you follow the rules in this site, you can get laid through hookup websites. Once you know where the best girls are found, how you find them, how to talk to them, and how to figure out how to get the girls actually into bed, you’ll have a steady flow of hot women into your life pretty much whenever you want them.

Get cracking.

There’s no time to hook up like tonight!